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Janitorial Services



You get a quick customized bid designed to your company's cleaning specifications. A highly trained specialist in the janitorial field will submit a comprehensive and accurate bid to you within 48 hours.



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     Carpet Cleaning

Your  Carpet  Can  Look  Like  New:  

We  are  very  proud  of  our  company  and  I  personally  guarantee that  you  will  receive  an  outstanding  service  experience  when  you  choose  Finger  Lakes Carpet  Cleaning  services.  Our  Low  Moisture  cleaning  process  excels  on  commercial  glue  down  carpet  and  will  restore  the  appearance of your carpet.  We  are  one  of  the  1st  carpet  cleaning  providers  in  the  region  to  use  this  exciting  new  technology.  The  powerful  scrubbing  machines  that  we  use  penetrate  deeply  into  the  fiber  to  deliver  effective  and  safe  cleaning  to  all  carpet.  The  color  of  the  fiber  becomes  muted  when  soil  is  present.  It is  surprising  to  see  how  vibrant  clean  carpet  can  actually  look! 

Tired  Of  Recurring  Spills  And  Ugly  Carpets?  

So  are  we!  For  years  it  was  just  expected  that commercial  carpets  would  eventually  turn dull, ugly, and  go  to  an  early  grave.  Not  any  longer!  Were implementing  exciting  new  technology​  that  keeps  the  carpet  clean  longer  between  servicing.  Instead  of seeing  the  carpet  quickly  re-soil  after  its  been  cleaned,  carpets  are  now  looking  better  with  each cleaning.  For  years  it  was  also  expected  that  drink  spills  would  continue  to  return  following  the cleaning.  Well  not  anymore!  Our  unique  soil  crystallizing  spill  treatment completely  eliminates  those recurring  spills.  We  guarantee  the  best  looking  carpets  you   have ever  seen! You  Spend  A  Third  Of  Your  Life  At  Work   Eight  hours  a  day.  That is  a  third  of  your  life.  We  recognize  that  your  place  of  business  is  your  home  away  from  home.  We  can  make  it  a  nicer  place  to  spend  the  day.  You  deserve  to  spend  a  third  of  your  life  in  an  attractive,  clean  and  healthy  environment.

Save  A  Bundle  Of Money : 

 A  5 year  old  carpet  that  has  been  cleaned  on  a  regular  basis  will maintain  a  92%  appearance  rating.  Whereas  a  5 year  old  carpet  that  has  been  neglected  will  only  hold  a  50%  appearance  rating  (according  to  Allied  Fibers).  So  it  makes  sense  to  take  care  of  your carpet,  since  it  was  a  costly  investment.  And  I  will  save  you  money  when  it  comes  to  taking  care  of  your  carpet.  Our rates  are  extremely  reasonable.   When  we  meet  I  can  show  you  how  much  you  can  plan  to  save.


You can trust your carpet cleaning  to the experts at Co-operative Cleaning Services/Finger Lakes Carpet Cleaning.

 For more information on our customized carpet cleaning services, please request a free estimate. Or feel free to call us at 607-342-5247. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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